Mehvish Irfan Poshni


I am an assistant professor at PUCIT. I completed my undergraduate work at FAST-NU, Lahore, and my graduate work at Columbia University, New York.

My doctoral thesis was on genus distributions in the area of topological graph theory, but I am also strongly interested in other areas of graph theory, combinatorics, topology, theory of computation and algorithms.


Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Analysis and Design of Algorithms, Theory of Automata, Theory of Computation, and Linear Algebra.

Class websites Spring 2018

  • Discrete Mathematics

  • Graph Theory

  • Research Publications


    Contact Information

    Mailing address:
    Punjab University College of Information Technology
    University of The Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus
    Lahore, Pakistan
    Phone: (+92) 042-35292946     Ext: 30
    Office:Room No. 29, 2nd floor, Building A, New campus.